Review of constructive analytical methods for determining the amount of aluminum in environmental and human biological samples

Vol 2, Issue 01,Pages 15-32 **** Field: Review of Al in humans

  • farnaz hosseini Department of Medical Nanotechnology, Faculty of Advanced Sciences & Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Islamic Azad University, (IAUPS), Tehran, Iran
  • sara davari
  • mojtaba arjomandi
Keywords: Analytical and Bioanalytical methods, Aluminum, Human and Environment samples, Toxicity and Measuring


Aluminum is a toxic metal and causes pollution in soil, water, and air. Afterward, a lot of patients suffer renal failure due to the accumulation of aluminum in the tissues of kidneys. Also, a high concentration of aluminum in plants tissues makes agricultural food toxic. Therefore, measuring aluminum in water, soil, air, human organs, tissues of plants and each food (or agricultural product is so necessary for protecting human health. Also, the effect of some parameters such as pH and temperature on decrease or increase in the amount of aluminum in water and other samples are stated. In this review, the analytical methods such as fluorimetric, ICP-MS, colorimetric, graphite furnace/flame atomic absorption spectrometry, etc. which have been applied for measuring the amount of aluminum (especially   ) in environmental and human biological samples are assesse


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