Speciation of arsenic (III,V) based on methyltrioctylammonium mercaptobenzoate and centrifuging dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction in water and blood samples

Vol 2, Issue 04, Pages 39-48,*** Field:Isotherm Modeling

  • Ahmad Riahi Department of Chemistry, Australian Community of Science, Hobart,Tasmania, Australia
  • Elham Mosafa Islamic Azad University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IAUPS), Medical Nano Technology Tehran, Iran
  • Bahareh Fahimirad, (corresponding author) Department of Chemistry, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran
Keywords: Arsenic speciation, Water and human blood, Task-specific ionic liquids, Centrifuging dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction


A novel analytical method based on centrifuging dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (CD-LLME) procedure for pre-concentration of As (III) has been developed prior to determine by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry (HG-AAS). In this method, 0.1 g of a task-specific ionic liquids (methyltrioctylammonium 2-mercaptobenzoate; TOMAS; TSIL) as the extracting and complexing solvent and acetone as dispersant solvent were rapidly added into the water and blood samples at pH 4.5. The As (V) is simply calculated by difference between total concentration and inorganic forms As (III) in liquid samples. By optimizing parameters, the enrichment factor (EF) was obtained 9.8 and 49.6 for blood and water samples, respectively. The limit of detection (LOD) of 22.4 ngL-1 and 4.3 ngL-1 were achieved for 10 mL and 50 mL of As(III) in blood and water samples, respectively (RSD<%5). The real samples were validated by certified reference material (CRM) by proposed procedure.


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