Cadmium separation in human biological samples based on captopril-ionic liquid paste on graphite rod before determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry

Vol 2, Issue 04, Pages 71-81,*** Field:Nano Chemistry

  • Kian Azami Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Toxicology Pharmacology, Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran
  • Mehdi Aliomrani Department of Toxicology and Pharmacology, School of pharmacy, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), Isfahan, Iran
  • Mostafa Dehghani Mobarake, (corresponding author) Department of Chemistry, University of Siegen, North Rhine Westphalia, Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2, 57076, Siegen, Germany
Keywords: Cadmium, Human samples, Captopril, Ionic liquid, Micro graphite rod, Micro solid phase extraction


A mixture of captopril nanoparticles (CAP-NPs) and ionic liquid (IL, [HMIM] [PF6]) paste on micro graphite rod (CAP-IL-MGR) and was used for separation cadmium in human serum and urine samples by micro solid phase extraction (μ-SPE). 0.01 g of CAP-NPs and 0.1 g of [HMIM] [PF6] mixed with 1 mL of acetone and mixture passed physically on micro graphite rod (MGR) at 55oC. Then, the graphite probe placed on 10 mL of human biological samples with 5 min of sonication, then cadmium ions complexed by thiol group of captopril (CAP-SH) at pH=5.5. The cadmium ions on micro probe were back extracted with 0.25 mL of nitric acid (0.5 M) which was diluted with DW up to 0.5 mL and finally, the cadmium concentration determined by ET-AAS. By optimizing of amount of captopril, the absorption capacity and recovery were obtained 132.4 mg g-1 and more than 96%, respectively.


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