Removal of nitrate from contaminated water of river Rushikulya using natural adsorbent

Volume 7, Issue 02, Pages 45-58, Jun 2024 *** Field: Analytical Chemistry in Environment

  • Sasmita Hota Gandhi Institute for Technology, Bhubaneswar, India, PIN-752054
  • Manoranjan Mishra Gandhi Institute for Technology, Bhubaneswar, India, PIN-752054
  • Upendra Prasad Tripathy, Corresponding Author Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Jaykaypur, Rayagada, Odisha (India), PIN-765017
Keywords: Composite Adsorbent, Nitrate, Spectrophotometric method, Contaminated water, Rice Husk, Bagasse Waste


Nitrate contamination of surface water through different human activities is an alarming issue for Human sound health survivorship. So, we have attempted to estimate and remove nitrate contamination levels in water samples, collected from the Rushikulya River in Odisha, India. A detailed study is done on the impact of nitrate contamination in various aspects and their removal is absorbed through an experimental composite adsorbent that is prepared taking rice husk dust and Bagasse waste from corn (Argo-based waste product) with different proportions of each. The nitrate absorbance was analyzed with the spectrophotometric method. The efficiency of adsorbents is identified through SEM and found that with an increase in the alkaline state of water sample up to 13 and composite proportion ratio with 20% rice husk and 80% bagasse waste from corn, removes nitrate up to 95% from contaminated water sample. A maximum of 98.0% of nitrate was removed from the water at a pH of 11. Also, maintaining the COD range of 250 mgL-1, the nitrate could be removed up to 94%.  The composite of CM-9 has the highest density of 279.88 kg m-3. These matrices are applied for the treatment of contaminated river water samples to remove nitrate. 




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